Are you looking how to get a real experience of flight with your PC? Here you will find the solution!

What you need:

1 - X-plane (I have a v9 lincensed)
2 - Google cardboard or similar (I have a Durovis Dive) -
3 - A smartphone running Android (I have Motorola Moto X)
4 - App android "Trinus Gyre" -
5 - PC software "Trinus Gyre Sever -
6 - X-Plane plugin: "Pilot View" -
7 - A PC running Windows

Setting UP:

1 - As first you need to connect your smartphone to your PC using the USB Cable.
2 - Start the Trinus Gyre App on your smartphone and the Trinus Gyre server on your PC. Here the setup for the server:
     a - uncheck the "Autodetect" option
     b - select the "USB Tether" option
     c - put the same IP that you see on the Trinus Gyre APP on the smartphone
     d - select again the "autodetect" mode
     e - select "Windows Mode B" in the capture mode module
     f - select "Fake 3D" in the video Setup
     g - Sensor Type: try both the "FreeTrack Mode" and the "IR Mode"; in case you are using the Free Track you must check the "Invert" flags.
     h - set a "reset" key, I used the "\" symbol

4 - Now you can start X-Plane and then connect the Trinus Gyre Server to the smartphone (click on the the power symbol in the low right corner). Select "x - Server" as application.

5 - Done!

Sometimes during the flight you must reset the center of the point of view. To do that move your head looking in front of you and use the reset key you set on the Gyre Sever (I used "\").

Enjoy your flight!

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